Weighing electronics

The term weighing electronics refers to products that evaluate signals from load cells or transmit or display measurement results/weight values from weighing instruments. With the help of the weighing electronics, the measurement results can be calibrated and, if necessary, re-calibrated (also known as adjustment).

Minebea Intec has a broad portfolio of weighing electronics which offer the optimum solution for every application. The range extends from simple weighing transmitters, which reliably process high-precision weight values from silo and hopper scales, to process and weighing indicators, which quickly and accurately display weight values, to weight controllers, which in addition to numerous interfaces and options can also offer the possibility of programming applications yourself. Weighing electronics are connected either directly or via cable junction boxes to load cells or a weighing platform. In addition, several scales can be connected to one weighing electronics device.

Product Portfolio


称重显示器生产厂家茵泰科研发的X3称重显示器灵活多变,适合个性化配置。 X3称重显示器标配了三个可自由配置的数字输入和输出。 这些可以被分配一个特定应用的限值和阈值功能以及相关的数值,以避免过度填充和填充不足。


称重显示器生产厂家茵泰科研发的X2过程称重显示器可选适用于前面板安装的坚固铝制外壳、和适用于现场及桌面安装的不锈钢外壳。X2称重显示器的强抗干扰性使其可以在恶劣环境中长期稳定可靠的运行。字高25 mm的背光半透式反射液晶显示器即使在阳光直射等恶劣情况下也能清晰阅读屏幕信息。

Link E称重变送器

称重变送器厂家茵泰科研发的Link E称重变送器作为第一款用于模拟应变式称重传感器的重量变送器,Link E具有高对比度的触摸显示屏,易于阅读和查找所有设置和信息。 通过您最喜欢的网络浏览器进行配置——无需额外的软件。 “智能校准”完全无需砝码即可进行调整。

Weight indicator Midrics

台式称重显示器生产厂家茵泰科生产的Midrics®不锈钢称重显示器用于简单称量任务或标准应用,2种不同版本。最大可读性:15,000 d。IP防护等级: IP65,适用于各种应用的软件,包括计数、检重和预包装检重等,可作为标准应用预先安装。




茵泰科Maxxis 5称重控制器适用于多样化的应用--从多组份计量到单组份灌装和计数,直至车辆称重。多样化的接口选项使其与几乎所有的称重解决方案兼容--可以单独编程,也可以由定制的软件应用程序支持。

Maxxis 4过程控制器

面板式称重控制器生产厂家茵泰科研发的Maxxis 4过程控制器可自由编程的过程控制器,设计用于各种不同的应用,从简单称重,复杂的手动或自动配料,到单组份填充等。

PR 5220称重变送器

称重变送器厂家茵泰科研发的PR 5220称重变送器可以快速可靠得处理料罐秤的模拟或数字传感器的重量值,适用于高精度快速称重过程,快速可靠地处理称重值,最大增量120,000。

PR 5230称重变送器

称重变送器厂家茵泰科研发的全数字性型PR5230现场总线变送器能将重量值变送到已安装的网络和控制系统内, 通过Ethernet/IP连接到电脑并配置(通过VNC或浏览器配置;OPC服务器;PLC连接采用Modbus TCP协议)


台式称重显示器生产厂家茵泰科研发的Puro®台式称重显示器为您不同的称重需求,不管是称重、计数还是质量控制 - 所有的 Puro 秤都能提供快速且精确的称重表现。凭借其坚实、创新且友好的应用程序,Puro 秤可应用于所有工业称重领域。



What are the areas of application for weighing electronics?

Weighing electronics are used in a variety of industries to ensure reliable evaluation of the signal from load cells or industrial scales. Depending on the application, a different product is recommended: Weighing transmitters often only process signals from analog or weight values from digital load cells and, thanks to their space-saving design, offer simple integration into existing production systems. Some transmitters are equipped with a simple display on which the weight values are displayed and which is used for status monitoring on site. An example of this is the CSD-92 transmitter, which can be installed on DIN rails to save space and, despite its compact dimensions, offers an FSTN liquid crystal display that can be freely configured.

Process or weighing indicators, on the other hand, are a device for convenient, digital display of weight values. Indicators can also be used to control numerous applications, such as filling, counting and checkweighing. The configuration of the models is easy with modern electronics: process indicators such as the X3 can be configured remotely via an integrated website. Features such as Smart Calibration allow adjustment to be carried out completely without weights. Reliable and fast processing of weight values with up to 120,000 steps is also guaranteed with the X3.

Weighing controllers, on the other hand, not only offer a convenient display, numerous connection options via interface options such as TCP/IP, ModBus TCP, ProfibusDP or Ethernet/IP and digital and analog inputs and outputs, but are also ideally suited for controlling or automating complex weighing processes. Users can also program the controller themselves using the IEC61131 programming language and optimally adapt its application as required. As a multi-purpose device, the Maxxis 5 already offers six pre-installed applications, so that the device can be integrated directly into processes after delivery.

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For which applications are weighing electronics relevant?

As with load cells, weighing electronics can be used for standard tasks such as weighing, filling and dosing, as well as for checking filling quantities. These products ensure safe and reliable processing of weighing results in container and silo weighing for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural and building materials industries. For tabletop and floor scales, products such as the Midrics or Combics weighing indicator are the ideal choice of compact display and control units with integrated evaluation.

Weighing electronics also play an important role in vehicle weighing, such as with the Inteco PR 6203 load cell with Connexx as a digital upgrade. While in the load cells are installed in a pit, it is advantageous to detect possible errors and malfunctions in the connected weighing indicator, While the load cells are installed in the pit, the connected weighing indicator is installed remotely. Thus, in case of load-cell errors or malfunctions, the indicator shows which load cell is affected.

What are the important features of weighing terminals?

In the case of weighing electronics, ease of use is a particularly important point: the user must intuitively understand the elements of the user interface in order to be able to operate the system. In addition, the display of the weighing terminal must also be clearly arranged so that all relevant information can be seen at a glance. Minebea Intec's solutions score highly with high-contrast LCD displays with backlighting for improved legibility or supporting in built Hi-Lo-Go traffic lights for control applications. Products such as the Maxxis 5 weighing controller even go one step further and offer an integrated help function for operation. On the display of the terminal, all information on applications such as counting or control weighing or average calculation can be read off at a single glance.

As well as operation, the question of interface options is also important, because the weighing electronics may need to communicate with other devices and systems. Here, it is important to determine which interface is required: From serial interfaces, USB interfaces, Ethernet TCP/IP, ModBus TCP, to Profibus DP, DeviceNet, ProfiNet, or Ethernet/IP, there are many ways to ensure trouble-free communication between the devices. Last but not least, numerous digital and analog inputs and outputs are also available to support possible system control. Weighing electronics also offer automatic backup functions for the data to be read. With the Maxxis 5 controller, the user can simply insert an SD memory card on which the data can be stored for unlimited transparency.

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