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The new Minebea Intec EC in Thailand has "experience" at its heart

Minebea Intec is once more focusing its attention firmly on the customer with its new Experience Centre ‘EC’ in Bangkok, Thailand. The EC stands for 100% support and service on the ground in Southeast Asia. The brand new showroom enables visitors to experience the entire Minebea Intec product range for themselves, access personal training, conduct product testing and receive fast and professional technical support.

The Minebea Intec Experience Center, or EC for short, is the latest addition to the MinebeaMitsumi production facility in Bangkok, Thailand. This Center marks a move by Minebea Intec to merge more closely with its parent company, which has been running the location successfully with over 25,000 employees since 1985. The facility is to serve primarily as a support, engineering and training centre and is intended to strengthen the company’s relationships with customers and partners in Southeast Asia.

Experience Center optimises customer and partner support

Minebea Intec is confident that its new Experience Center will further improve connections with and support of customers and partners in Southeast Asia. The Center is set up in such a way that it can deliver several objectives at the same time: assistance with application and project support, development of technical solutions and testing of products on site. Prospective customers and visitors have the opportunity to speak to Minebea Intec experts and find the best weighing and inspection solution for their specific application on site using their own products. Frank Wieland, CSO of Minebea Intec, sees this as the cornerstone of the new facility: “Customers can explain their problems to us in detail here so that we can develop tailor-made solutions for them. This is precisely why we set up the Experience Center in Southeast Asia. Our ultimate goal is to make the customer’s production reliable and efficient. In the region, for the region.”

Experience that pays off with the new showroom and training centre

To ensure that the extensive experience of the Minebea Intec weighing and inspection experts continues to bear fruit in the Southeast Asia region, the EC and the connected showroom will serve as a training facility for users of Minebea Intec products. This ensures that know-how is passed on to local partners and customers via the Minebea Intec Academy. There are numerous training rooms on site and opportunities to pass on the knowledge acquired in connection with products. The company’s largest showroom worldwide helps to achieve this – in addition to industrial scales and load cells, many accessories and the entire range of inspection solutions are showcased here.

Experience Center is already bearing fruit

The new facility is being well received, with customers visiting to analyse together with the expert team which Minebea Intec solution delivers the best results for their task. Direct contact with users enables Minebea Intec to better assess their needs and also to offer customer-specific solutions. “It is great to see the new Experience Center proving so popular. The new facility gives our partners and customers in Southeast Asia direct access to our extensive experience in the field of weighing and inspection solutions,” reports Frank Wieland. “However the Center is just the beginning, this should lead to further milestones for us. Asia, and Southeast Asia in particular, is a market that is extremely important for us and one we want to develop further through targeted initiatives in order to make the local offering even better for our partners and customers.”

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