Service tool miRemote

miRemote means “Service” on another level: immediate and completely contactless

In these tough and demanding times of Covid 19, our new Augmented Reality service tool miRemote offers direct service whenever and wherever you need it: On site and right now! At the moment, it is not always possible to send out one of our experts on site: Personal contact is not always possible, access to production lines may be restricted or require time-consuming paperwork.

With miRemote, Minebea Intec offers a service tool which overcomes geographical boundaries by using an internet connection for direct video-communication with the user: The miRemote-app uses the camera of the device it is installed on and transmits a direct video feed from the user to the service-experts. Thus, the experts sees the same as the user and can provide detailed instructions how to remedy the problems.

No travelling required: First support – anytime and anywhere!

miRemote combines live video chat functions with the latest AugmentedReality technology and enables an optimal exchange of information between your employees and our service experts.

The app features almost all means of communication to help the user: Service can either tell the user what to do, use an overlay-function to indicate which actions have be taken or display helpful documents in the app, so the user can gather important information. A direct support, without the need for experts being on-site!

Test miRemote free of charge and convince yourself of the possibilities of the latest service support services. All you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection. There is no need for extra hard- or software, because all functions run via your usual web-browser.

miRemote - how does it work?

Benefits of miRemote

  • Instant video-contact with service department
  • AR service-solution – as if they were on-site
  • Expert support anywhere, anytime!
  • No need for extra hard- or software
  • Available worldwide and cross-border – no visa or travel costs required
  • Easy operation via an intuitive app on smartphone or tablet
  • Optional: Fast integration into existing company infrastructure
  • Cost-efficient use of existing hardware


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miRemote sucess stories

Success story plastics

A customer belonging to the plastics processing industry had a problem correctly setting up his two metal detectors Vistus. The problem was that without the metaldetectors, the production was not possible to start. Any delay in the start of the production would have resulted in a six-figures amount of money. Also, a service technician was not allowed in the production plant or would have required too much paperwork. Service provided the customer with a WEB-link, which enabled a direct video-connection to the customer: The metaldetectors were properly configured and ready to go within four hours.

Success story food

A customer working in the fruit packaging industry needs the support of one of our X-ray experts to check the functionality of his X-ray machines. It was not possible to wait for the arrival of a technician along with the necessary spare parts packages because customs clearance would be long and tedious. In addition, the service costs would have been much higher. Thanks to miRemote, one of Minebea Intec's partners was able to help out in a short time: damaged parts could be easily replaced as soon as the spare parts arrived. Thanks to the technology used, it was possible to correctly configure the products to be inspected with our X-ray equipment according to the environmental conditions.


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