Logistics industry

The logistics industry, in which control and verification are of importance, has great need for weighing and inspection equipment of the kind supplied by Minebea Intec. In managing the flow of products such as food, materials and liquids between the point of origin and the point of sale or use, it is often necessary to measure and confirm quantities – a task that can generally be easily and efficiently fulfilled by suitable weighing and counting equipment.

Minebea Intec’s high-precision floor and pallet scales are commonly used for such applications, as are its bench scales, truck scales and specialised checkweighing equipment. The robust technology is easy to calibrate and to clean, and is designed for connection of computers, scanners, and the like, facilitating optimal transfer and management of data.

A reliable partner for control and verification equipment for the logistics industry

Minebea Intec has many years of experience in the development and manufacturing of innovative equipment for weighing and inspecting materials. Much of this experience has been in logistics applications, where reliable confirmation of quantities is of importance.

As a dependable partner of logistics companies around the world, Minebea Intec invests heavily and constantly in testing and certification in accordance with various national and international standards and regulations, such as

  • for Ex applications (explosion protection): ATEX/FM/CSA/IECEx/EAC
  • for calibration: OIML/NTEP
  • for ingress protection (IP): up to IP69k

We are thus well prepared to meet the varying needs of logistics companies, whatever the sector they serve – and, of course, to provide the associated quality documentation that might be required for the main logistic´s applications.